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2017-2018 Executive Summary

Summersill Elementary

2016-2017 Results and 2017-2018 Next Actions

Willie Jarman - School Executive


Vision: Strive for Excellence in All You Do!

Mission: Learn Something New Every Day

Our Purpose is to provide students with habits that enable them to achieve their life goal



 School's Strengths:

·         All grade level teams have a 45-minute common planning block 4 days a week and a 90 minute PLC block 1 day a week.

·         PLC focus on core instruction and common assessment data across the grade level.

·         ELA Vertical alignment team has created a Notebook to align the K-5 instruction with the curriculum and provide accessible resources to all teachers in one location.

·         School-wide academic vocabulary - WOW (Word of the Week) videos from staff and students to demonstrate the meaning of the WOW produced by the Literacy Coach.

·         School wide focus on clarifying objectives and making sure students can identify when they have learned the objectives through data tracking.

·         Academic Awards ceremonies and Habits for Success celebrations (core behavior expectations) every grading period.

·         22 of 28 homeroom classrooms have a Smart Panel for technology integration during instruction.



 School's Challenges:

·         Summersill has 18 new staff members (AP, Media Coordinator, 7 Teachers, DLTF, 8 EC Teachers and Specialists).

·         Continue to develop a Math Vertical Alignment Notebook to align the K-5 instruction with the curriculum.

·         Utilize the new Blackboard tools for communicating with parents and community stakeholders.

·         Written comprehension skills of the students based on Reading 3D assessment data.

·         External visibility of the Habits of Mind



2017-2018 Focused Next Actions:

·         Ensure new staff are aware of school wide initiatives and have the support from their PLC.

·         Provide professional development on instruction that fosters an increase in the written comprehension skills and abilities of the students.

·         Provide Smart Panels to the remaining 6 homeroom classrooms.

·         Utilize technology for instruction and communication.

·         Provide inclusion for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade EC students

·         Sidewalk signs for the 16 Habits of Mind.

·         Train new staff on Habits of Mind. 



Greatest Accomplishment in 2016-2017:

·         Exceeded Expected Growth 2016-2017

·         Summersill was in the top 7% (175 out of 2,531) of all schools in NC for the Growth Index (5.14)


·         Overall Proficiency above state and district (CCR-53%, GLP-67.6%)