Lauren Tanner Staff Photo

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year 


I wish to extend a warm welcome to our class. I am honored to be teaching a wonderful group of 2nd grade scholars. It is important that we work together as teacher and parents to ensure that your child builds confidence, self-esteem and responsibility.


Dates to Remember

January 23rd: 3rd Nine Weeks

Feb. 2nd: Award Ceremony

Feb 16th: Early Release for Professional Development (12:00 dismissal)

Feb 17th: No School- Teacher Workday

April 10th - 14th: Spring Break





Classroom Rules & Expectations


This will be a very successful school year! Communication is important regarding academics and behavior. Each student will have a clip labeled with his/her name. If a rule is broken, the student will be given a verbal warning. If there is another infraction, the student will move their clip down on the behavior chart. The child will start their day on green saying they are ready to learn and they can either move their clip up or down depending on their behavior. Each student’s agenda will document what type of day they have had with a brief explanation if necessary. Consequences include: loss of privileges, contact parents or office referral.




1. Follow Directions Quickly

2. Respect Yourself and Others

3. Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Honest

4.Raise your hand to get out of your seat or to speak

5. Listen While Others Are Talking (Especially your teacher!!)



Our Special Schedule 

Monday ~ P.E/Music

Tuesday ~ Spanish

Wednesday ~ Computers

Thursday ~ No Enrichment

Friday ~ Art



Curriculum Outline


·        Aug-Sept: Community/Purpose of Governments and Responsibilities as good citizens

·        Sept: Maps/Compare Weather Patterns/Recognize tools scientist use

·        Oct: Weather Patterns and Factors that affect weather

·        Nov: Past/Present, Timelines, Historical Figures, Introduction to Economics

·        Nov-Dec: Continue Economic/Market Day

·        Jan: Matter (Solids, Liquids, & Gases)/ Properties and Changes

·        Feb-Mar: Sound/How cultures influence communities and the past

·        Apr: Animal Life Cycles

·        May: Global Unit/Plants and Animals Relationships

·        June: Year End Review