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April 11  

This week in:


review telling time

review word problems


review narrative writing

mimicking authors' writing styles



verb tenses

written comprehension

retelling stories


plural/singular forms (specifically f to -ves this week)


plant and animal needs

how do animals and plants grow?



March 7  

This week in...


-reviewing addition/subtraction strategies (drawing, counting on...)

-missing addends (7+__=13)


-written comprehension

-details in pictures

-inferences and observations

-text features

-ou/ow sounds

-retelling a story 


-finishing informational writing research projects

-opinion writing

Unit Studies

-rocks and soil


Feb 29  

This week in...


-addition/subtraction strategies

-adding 10 and multiples of 10


-observations and inferences

-comparing and contrasting

-who is telling a story? 




-opinion writing

-informational research books

-including supporting details

Unit Studies

-rocks and soil

-Read Across America (Dr. Seuss)


Field Trip permission slips are due Tuesday, March 1. Interims went home last Wednesday. Please sign and return them.

Feb 22  

This week in...


-review of addition and subtraction strategies


-comparing and contrasting characters and their experiences

-written responses

-sounds of dr and gr

-observing vs. inferring



-opinion writing

Unit Studies

-soil and rocks



Field trip permissions slips are due March 1.

Feb 15  

This week in...


-review of graphing, fractions, addition strategies, and measurement


-comparing and contrasting characters within a story


-observations vs inferences

-ir, ur, er and review of short i and e

Unit Studies

-creating and reading maps

-map keys and compass rose


-President's Day and Valentine's Day


-opinion writing


Our Valentine's Celebration has been moved to Monday. 

Field Trip forms and fees are due March 1.

Feb 8  


-shades of meaning (ie pretty, gorgeous, beautiful)

-short e vs short a

- AR and OR pattern

-written comprehension


-fraction review


-comparing and contrasting lengths and numbers


-word problems

Unit Studies:

-Valentine's Day

-Maps and geographic tools


-opinion writing

-informative writing review in stations




Our Valentine's Celebration is this Friday. Students should return their white bag decorated, or bring in their own mailbox to collect Valentines in. 

Daddy/Daughter Dance is this Thursday.

Pasta for Pennies box is going home Monday. 

Field trip forms went home Friday. If you need another one, please let me know. These and the fees are due back March 1.

Feb 1  


We are learning how to compare lengths of 3 objects and to measure with nonstandard units (paperclips, cubes, etc...).

We are reviewing word problems, addition and subtraction fluency, and counting on.


We are practicing asking and answering questions about details in a text, identifying main topics, and retelling key details.


We are continuing with opinion writing whole group and reviewing informational writing in our stations. Students should practice correct capitalization and punctuation at this time.

Unit Studies:

We are focusing on landforms and bodies of water. We will start learning about geographic tools, map characteristics, and showing locations on maps.

We are also learning about groundhog's day and will be incorporating that into many of our activities throughout the week.




If you have not returned your report card envelope yet, please do so as soon as possible. The report card is for you to keep; I only need the signed envelope. 

Remember: The newsletter will be sent home, emailed out, and posted under "newsletters" every Sunday/Monday.

Jan 25  

This week in...


-we are reviewing word problems and wrapping up fractions


-comparing/contrasting passages and events within a story

-describing characters and events

-main idea and details

Social Studies

-landforms, bodies of water, geographic tools


-introduction to opinion writing

-reviewing informational writing in our stations

-continuing to research animals and write an informational book

Word study

- long o/silent e word pattern

- "-ight" word pattern

-reviewing long/short vowel sounds


-you can search "msprice15" on quizlet and pull up all sets made to date


Mid year reading testing has begun. Math assessments will begin soon.


Jan 12  

This week we are continuing to learn the silent e rule- but with a focus on the long i sound. We are exploring fractions (halfs, fourths, whole) with a review of 2D and 3D shapes. We will be writing our 2nd 9 weeks writing sample this week and wrapping up informational writing. We are also benchmarking reading for mid year this month. 


Here is this week's Quizlet:

Jan 4  

Welcome Back!

This week we are continuing our shapes unit, but we will be adding 3D shapes into the mix! There will be a math test on Friday.


Spelling words this week contain the long a "a_e" spelling pattern. Here is this week's Quizlet:



We are learning about other cultures through literature this week in social studies. 

We are still working on informational and how-to writing this nine weeks. Students should be writing "Early Developing" by the end of this grading period. This means they need to use proper conventions (periods, capitals, spacing, etc...) and spell words with all of the sounds that they hear (temporary spelling). 


At this time students should be able to identify all of the consonant and short vowel sounds and be working on blends, digraphs and long vowel patterns.


Mid-year benchmarking for reading will start next week. Mid-year goal is level G. 

Dec. 7  

This week's Quizlet:


This week we are learning "ou" and "er". We are starting research for our animal books we will be writing. We are practicing informational and how-to writing as well.


We are practicing looking back in stories/passages for evidence to prove our answer. In math, we are collecting data and graphing our findings. 


We are practicing for our December 17th performance at 6:30. Please plan to come! The students have been working very hard!


Of course, we are working on some holiday-themed crafts and activities.


November 30  

This week we are learning the word family "ut" and the vowel team "ee". We are reviewing use, detail, and read. The word of the week is interpret. 


We are continuing informational writing. Students should focus on punctuation, capitalization, putting all the sounds in words, and being able to read their own writing fluently to be on grade level this nine weeks.


We are reviewing nouns and verbs and continuing to work on text features and written comprehension.


In math we are beginning data collection and graphing (bar graphs and pictographs). Students will learn to collect data, create a graph, and read a graph (as well as use it to answer questions).


In social studies, we are learning about goods and services.


This week's quizlet:



November 16  

This week we are learning the "ea" vowel team that makes the long e sound as well as the "ock" family. Our other 3 spelling words are vocabulary words that students will need to recognize and understand to answer comprehension questions after reading. 


We are still working on informational writing-specifically Thanksgiving-themed this week! We are practicing sorting nouns and adjectives as well as nonsense words and "ock" family words.  We are wrapping up our objects in the sky science unit. The moon log is still being passed around. 


We will be learning lots about Thanksgiving this week and integrating it into most of our activities throughout the day!


We are learning characteristics of fiction and non fiction as well as comparing and contrasting the two.


Reading homework has changed!!! Please look at the newsletter.


In math, we are practicing addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, balancing equations, and answering word problems. 


This week's Quizlet for spelling words:

November 9  

This week we are learning silent e, "how-to" writing, nouns verbs and adjectives, and nonfiction features. 


The words of the week are compare and contrast. We are comparing and contrasting nonfiction and fiction as well as two nonfiction texts.


We are still working on day/night and moon phases.


In math, we are reviewing addition and subtration, balancing equations, the meaning of the equal sign, comparing numbers (< > and =), and true/false equations. 


Wednesday is Veteran's Day (no school).


This week's Quizlet :

Nov 2  

This week we are learning the -op word family. We are continuing our study of the sun, moon, and stars with a special focus on moon phases.


Our word of the week is "support". Students should know how to "support" their answer with details from a story. To support something with evidence, students should give specific examples.


We are still working on informational writing. That will continue throughout this 9 weeks. 


We are exploring nonfiction texts and comparing/contrasting them to both fiction and other nonfiction texts. We are practicing main idea and details as well as information provided by pictures vs. by text. 


In math we will be reviewing true/false equations, greater than and less than comparisons, least to greatest, and missing addends. We will have a math test on Friday.


Please go online (there is an app also!) and check out this week's spelling word Quizlet:

Report cards go home Monday. I need the manila envelope signed and returned; the report card is yours to keep.


Our 9 weeks award ceremony is this Friday. I will send a notice and email home by Tuesday for students who will be receiving an award. 

October 26  

This week we are beginning our Moon, Sun, and Stars unit. We will be comparing and contrasting the night sky with the day sky and examining the moon, sun, and stars closely. Along with this comes the phases of the moon. We will have a class moon log that will be sent home with one student each night. That student will be responsible for drawing the moon and writing a sentence or two about what they see. The log should be returned to school daily so that we can share our observations.


We are learning the "ot" word family this week. Our word of the week is "describe". We are comparing and contrasting characters, settings, and things as well as describing them. We are also learning about point of view and how different characters can feel different ways.


We are incorporating pumpkins into all of our learning this week to make it engaging and fall-related.


We have begun informational writing for this nine weeks. This week we will write about pumpkins and create an opinion piece as well. 


In math, we are learning that the equal sign means that one side of the equation is equal to the other (it doesn't mean "here is the answer"). For instance, 4+3=2+5.   We are continuing to practice > and < as well. True/False statements are something we are practicing as well. Students should know the meaning of both terms.


Picture day is this Thursday. It is also Red Ribbon Week (please see the schedule sent home last Friday). 


I have created a Quizlet set for our spelling words this week. This will be good practice for learning the spelling AND meaning/usage of the words. Here is the link:

New pictures are uploaded to our class album frequently.


October 19  

This week we are focusing on retelling and problem/solution. We will be talking about how to answer question words (who, what, when, where, why, and how) as well as how to use part of the story in our answers.

We are still writing narratives. This week students will be composing a narrative independently. 

We have a stamina goal of reading the same book for 6 minutes without stopping. We have increased from our previous goal of 5 minutes!


Students are working on the -ick word family this week. We are learning greater than/less than and the symbols < > and =. We are also working on true/false questions. 


This Wednesday is an Early Release (no boys and girls club). Thursday is our Field Trip. Please wear your yellow Summersill Class shirt or another yellow shirt for the field trip. 

October 11  

Please sign up for Remind if you haven't already. Remind is a program that will keep you up to date on classroom events and reminders from me. You can choose if you want to receive updates through text or email. To sign up, text @jprice15 to 81010  or visit


This week we are practicing retelling and finding evidence in stories. We are working on the -in word family.

In math, we are still working with tens and ones, counting by tens, fives, and twos, and addition. We are practicing the "counting on" strategy of addition.

In science, we are still working on forces and motion. We will talk about Columbus Day, spiders, and firefighters also in unit studies.


If you can donate glowsticks, two-liter sodas, small prizes/candy to our Fall Festival, it would be MUCH APPRECIATED. 

Oct. 5  

This week's newsletter has been emailed out and posted online. Please study spelling words and read tonight. 


This week we will be learning about fire safety and continuing our study of forces and motion.


We will be reviewing main idea and details, reading and rereading passages and completing comprehension questions together.


In writing we are still writing narratives. We are mostly still working as a whole group on writing, but some students are beginning to add their own details to stories we've created. A lot of emphasis is placed on correct letter formation, periods, capitals, and spacing. Please make sure your child is practicing these every time they write anything (even math homework). 


In math, we are reviewing word problems, adding 3 numbers, place value, and the numbers 1-120. 


Our fall festival is coming up next Friday. If you can send in any sort of prizes or two-liter sodas, it will be very much appreciated!


If you have any books at home that your child has outgrown, please consider donating them to our classroom library! We have a wide range of readers in our class and always love getting new books!


Stay safe...See everyone tomorrow (hopefully!)

September 29  

This week we are focusing on tens and ones (place value) and adding 3 numbers in math. 


We are working on writing narratives still. Narratives must have a beginning, middle, and end. Students should be practicing neat handwriting, capitalization, punctuation, and spacing in their writing (homework too!)


We are learning about main idea, details, retelling, and character traits in ELA.


We have begun our first science unit this week: Forces and Motion. We are learning about pushes, pulls, and how things move.


This week we are working on the "-ack" word family and learning about short and long vowel sounds. Students should be practicing neat handwriting with proper spacing, capitalization, and punctuation. Unfamiliar words should be sounded out with all of the sounds heard. 

We are working on word problems and place value (tens and ones) in math. Students should be familiar with numbers 1-120 already and be able to read and write them. 

We are writing narratives and working on creating beginnnings and endings for our stories with transition words in the middle.


New pictures have been added to our class album.


-This week we are focusing on the "-ap" word family. Please help your child practice their spelling words and keep up with their reading logs. 


-We are working on word problems in math. Students should be able to both draw a picture and provide an equation with symbols for the missing number.


-Field trip money is due Tuesday, September 15th. Our field trip is Thursday, September 17th.


-Shirts have been ordered!


-September 22nd is Open House @ 5:30.

-September 23rd is a half day (no boys and girls club after school)

-We have a birthday in our classroom: Courtney on Wednesday, 9/16



I have begun to add pictures to our picture album online! Check back regularly for new ones!


Every week the homework instructions and spelling words will be in the sheet protector in your child's binder. 


Papers in the "important" pocket and on the "classwork" side of the folder should be checked/cleaned out daily.


When your child is absent please make sure that they complete their makeup work and homework at home.


To get on the Raz-Kids website online go to and use teacher username jenniferprice

After that, find your child's name and select their password. 


Happy Monday!


-Please remember we have students with peanut allergies in our classroom. 

-Happy Birthday to Tegan! (September 5)

-Jackets are recommended (our classroom is chilly)

-Spelling homework starts this week. Students will have a spelling test every Friday. Please help your child complete their homework each night.

-Inside the ANCHOR binder is a clear sheet protector with this week's newsletter inside. The newsletter has the week's homework instructions and spelling words on it as well as weekly reminders. Please leave this in the binder until each Friday. 

-We are ordering class t-shirts soon! If you have not paid school fees, please do so as soon as possible to ensure your child receives a t-shirt. A form to order your t-shirt size went home in the binder today. Please return quickly!



What a great 2nd day of first grade! 

Just a few reminders:

-It does get rather chilly in our classroom, so please send your child with a light jacket if possible.

-Friday is our P.E. day.

-I need all forms back to me as soon as possible.

-Before students are allowed to purchase chips or ice cream at lunch, they must give me a note from home stating that they are allowed to do so.


I'm so excited to see everyone tomorrow! I hope you've all had a great, peaceful weekend and are ready for a great year in first grade! 

Tomorrow I will send home forms for those who didn't pick them up at orientation. It is very important that you get those sent back in as soon as possible! I do appreciate it!

If you did not specify how your child was getting home, please make sure that we know where to send your child before the end of the day tomorrow! 

Don't forget that lunch can be paid online in advance!

One awesome thing you can do that will benefit both your child and our classroom is to go online to the scholastic reading club site and order books! They are cheaper through this site, and our class earns points when you order so that we can get new books in our library as well! It's a great way to stock up on reading materials at home! To order books, click HERE and use our class activation code: MYM6K

Please read our class newsletter every week (Monday-ish) for upcoming events, our class objectives for the week, and important information. To find the newsletters, look under the "newsletters and helpful materials" link above. 

We are a peanut-aware classroom; we have multiple peanut-allergies in our class and request that you refrain from sending peanut products to school with your child. 

See you tomorrow!