Joseph Carey Staff Photo


Planet Projects  

Families are welcome to join us this Friday from 11:15-11:45 or 2:00-2:45 for students to show off their planet projects to you.  Gallery walk will be in Mr. Carey's Room.


The best site for all of the resources needed for at home practice. There are videos of lessons, fables and math breakdowns.  There are also a ton of educational game websites.

Appreciated Supplies  

I would appreciate donations of the following:



--a ream of duplicating paper

--hand sanitizer

-- notebook paper

--post it notes

--dry erase board markers

--dry erase board cleaning spray

-- kid scissors


--paper clips


--pencils (#2)

--Clorox wipes


**Parents: Please keep in mind that school supplies are less expensive in July than in January, so you may want to buy extra pencils and notebook paper for when your child runs out. If your child takes care of their supplies, everything else can carry them through the year! :)