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Valentine Exchange  

On Tuesday February 14th we will have a short valentine exchange. If you would like your child to participate, please send in 19 valentines (1 for each student in the class.) To save time when passing out, please have your child only sign their name (you should not individually address the valentines to students.)

Kindergarten Parent Tutorials  

Parents - please use these video tutorials to assist you when working with your child with letter souds, sight words, and reading.  Click on each topic to view each video.

for Literacy
Letter Sounds Sight Words
Print Concepts & Reading Behaviors Check for Understanding 5 Finger Story Retell

100th Day Project!  

Our 100th Day of School is Feb.10th. 

In celebration of our 100th day of school, I am posing the following challenge: Find 100 objects, things or pieces preferably of the same thing (example 100 pennies, 100 paperclips or 100 beads) and display them creatively on a poster board, in a shoebox or any other way you can think of that will be easily transported and appropriate for school.  Please have fun working with your student, be creative and be safe! :)

School Fees  



A friendly reminder to pay the $12.50 for Kindergarten School fees. Money can be sent in the "Money and Notes" pouch at the front of the G.O Binder daily!

Visitor's Passes  

Please keep in mind all parents and visitors MUST sign into the office to visit campus! This includes walking students to class in the AM. This is for the safety of all students and staff! Thank you in advance for your cooperation! :)

G.O Binders  

Please encourage student responsibility and ensure the G.O Binder is coming to school daily. IF you have any questions about the Binder and its practices, please email me ASAP!